Since every leader deserves a Gospel Coach,
CMM seeks to train and multiply Gospel Coaching.

Training available through CMM:

Basic Training

Feature One

2.5-day introduction to Gospel Coaching and the C.R.O.S.S. Conversation.

Trihort Practicum

Feature Two

Six interactive practice sessions facilitated by a CMM staff facilitator, minimum of nine hours of live "scrimmage" coaching in your context.

360-Degree Evaluation

Feature Three

With feedback from facilitator, fellow participants, coachee, and a self-evaluation, CMM staff recommended next steps for putting Gospel Coaching into practice.

Optional: Sharpening Skills

Feature Four

Workshops, webinars, and other resources sharpen skills through up-to-date content, Gospel Coaching practice, and cooperative learning with Dr. Tom Wood, the pioneer of Gospel Coaching and founder of CMM.

Optional: Coaching Church Planters

1-day training for Gospel Coaches who desire to coach Church Planters. Cost determined by length of service and availability.

Optional: Sharpening Skills

Gospel Coach Training Systems

CMM multiplies Gospel Coaching in other contexts, nationally and internationally.

Trihort Facilitator

Experienced certified Gospel Coaches may be invited to learn how to facilitate trihort practicums with CMM on an as needed basis. 

Basic Training Trainer

Experienced Gospel Coaches may be invited to train portions of Basic Training.