Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

We’ve noticed a pattern. After 5-7 years, many young church leaders and pastors feel confused or discouraged about what to do next. The tendency during this season is to believe God must intend someone else to “take it to the next level.” The next level, unfortunately, is almost always down. This 5-7 year window is a critical time in the life of the planter-turned-pastor, the new leaders in the church, their families and the congregations they lead.

Also common, many church plants during the 5th to 7th year is a very real struggle to continue maturing, growing, and reproducing. Demographics shift, leadership and ministry demands change, family dynamics and energy levels are different, often resulting in the church plateauing. The God-given vision and mission that started the church feels like a distant reality. Leaders get discouraged. New elders face challenges they had not anticipated.

Prayer & Planning Retreats

For churches or ministries looking for outside help with prayerful planning, CMM facilitates a two-day weekend prayerful planning retreat for strategic planning.

By analyzing and clarifying the Mission, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics (MOST) through the lens of a God-given vision and values, churches and ministries gain momentum for future ministry.

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