Jack Wolfe

CMM Certified Gospel Coach
CMM Certified Church Planter Coach

Completed Training

· Basic Training: Gospel Coach
· Trihort Practicum
· Continue Workshop 2019

Jack Wolfe is an experienced missional architect and Apostolic coach on a mission to provoke, motivate, and inspire people to turn their dreams into reality. Aside from Epic Faith, Jack serves on the 5Q Team as Champion, Connector and Coach (www.5qcentral.com). He also serves as a local hub leader for Forge America, which specializes in missional living. Is a member of Communitas International and serves on the North America Advancement team.

Jack has completed Coaching Mastery with Keith Webb - Creative Results Management. Jack is a CMM Certified Gospel Coach and CMM Certified Church planting Coach Completed Basic Training/Tri-hort Practicum/Continue Workshop 2019.

Jack is an active community leader, serving on the Downtown Development Association (DDA) for Sugar Hill, Ga., and formerly serving on the DDA for Duluth, Ga. Jack’s expertise in coaching has been made richer and more practical by his own 30-year ministry background and unique life story – all of which have shaped his missional ideas, entrepreneurial mindset, and interactive, non-directive approach.

In 1987, he started a church, growing it to nearly 1,000 weekly attendees with 12 full-time staff and two church plants. In 2005, he and his team transitioned the church to an integrated, missional model of ministry known as the Epic Family Life Center. In addition, Jack served as President of Calvary Ministries International, a network of churches, leaders, and missionaries, for many years.

Jack has spent most of his career building things that he is passionate about, and leading others to join him in his endeavors. Now, he is excited to walk alongside others as they build out their own dreams, providing insight and encouragement along the way.

Jack and Stephanie have been married since 1974. They have two sons and three grandkids. Jack loves to run, read, and cook.