Intercultural Development

CMM offers congregations and leaders the opportunity to develop their cultural intelligence through assessment and mentoring using the Intercultural Development Inventory. Cultural Intelligence is the ability to understand and also thrive in various cultural contexts which requires awareness, skills, humility, and empathy.

What is the Intercultural Development Inventory®?

The Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI®) is a highly researched, well respected, and widely used online self-evaluation tool.

  • It effectively helps individuals, groups, and organizations understand their intercultural capabilities.
  • It helps people understand how they process cross-cultural interactions and allows them to gain a realistic and accurate picture of where they are on a “continuum of development” in their intercultural abilities.

Because one’s intercultural competence can change and grow with intentionality, training, and interaction, the IDI also provides an individualized Intercultural Development Plan.

How can the Intercultural Development Inventory® be used?

The Intercultural Development Inventory provides a framework to think about developing cultural intelligence. It also can help individuals and groups assess their current orientation when navigating similarities and differences across cultures. Additionally, the IDI can be used to foster growth in your own intercultural awareness.
  • Team Development - The IDI can be used to help train staff, sessions, church planting launch leadership teams, etc. in the skills necessary to effectively lead their organizations.
  • Leadership Development - The IDI can be used to train pastors, pastoral residents, key leaders, teachers, and other individuals in developing cultural intelligence.
  • Church Renewal/Revitalization - The IDI can help churches in the midst of revitalization see blind spots in how they are engaging the culture around them.
  • Church Planting - The IDI can help church planters and launch teams to start churches that are effectively reaching the diversity around them.
  • Coaching - The IDI can form the basis of a coaching plan.

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