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CMM specializes in Gospel Coaching, which is an intentional gospel conversation.
We also offer multiple services to leaders and the church. Read a brief overview below.
"Every study we have done shows that church leaders will do a better job leading
their church to health if they have a coach who comes alongside to encourage them,
ask questions, offer resources and hold them accountable
-- Church Smart Resources www.churchsmart.com

Gospel Coaching for Leaders

C.R.O.S.S. Gospel Coaching is an intentional gospel conversation with focused discussions on one's relational, personal, missional, and spiritual life. Our staff are experienced and certified to equip ministry leaders for sustainable gospel ministry in the USA, Cuba, UK, Asia, and all corners of the globe.

Network Consulting

Our staff have years of experience leading church planting and leadership networks and can help you start or strengthen your network.


After assessing 1000s of church planter candidates, CMM provides accurate church planter assessments for pastors and agencies who honestly want to know if a candidate is uniquely suited for the rigorous demands of church planting. CMM also offers congregational health assessments for local churches.

Books & Training Materials

A list of books that we recommend for pastors, church planters, and leaders.

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