Finding Hope in Him

We live outside Eden and it really is hostile. Every family I know has some broken thing about them with which they have to deal. In my family, it’s health issues and concern and care for a disabled daughter. Other friends have great health but their children are rebellious, running the streets, addicted to drugs, in prison, or dead from violence. For some others it’s financial ruin over and over. We all face the ultimate hostility: Death.

If you are a pastor, not only are you dealing with your own effects of our hostile world, you have to deal with so many others. Sometimes it’s just too much. We can feel we are all alone.

Recently, a pastor we were assisting felt lonely and isolated. His wife had told him she didn't love him anymore but would stay in the marriage for the sake of the church and his career. The church was stable in numbers but he felt all was precarious. He had heard the inner whisper from the evil one — “God is not for you”— and had his own insecurity and doubts. There were a gazillion “What ifs?” We started a long journey together.

Gospel Coaching was a powerful first step of breaking his isolation. One of the places he landed was in re-entering his place in the Gospel Story. He was reminded in coaching that we have Someone. There is a Triune God, who was and is eternally in community with one another and who was with him now. This pastor was never truly alone.

We have Someone Who made all things. He is, firstly, God the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth. As one of his strategies, the pastor read in Michael Reeves book, Good God, “…it is only when we see that God rules his creation as a kind and loving Father that we will be moved to delight in his providence.”

We have Someone Who is renewing all things. Through Christ, His cross and resurrection, we have been raised and renewed. He has overcome the ultimate hostility: Death. But that’s not all. He is returning and is renewing all things (Rev. 21:5). This pastor was reminded to retell his heart the gospel: to doubt the doubts, to repent of them, believe in God who raises the dead, and then act on God’s promise. This pastor has hope to keep on for another season.

“You are not alone in the universe. I am with you until the end of the age.” What is your hope built upon today? What lies do you need to stop believing?

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