Worship Without Gathering

Our Father has certainly been faithful to the work CMM is doing so that we might be able to celebrate boldly that “all over the world this gospel is bearing fruit and growing” (Colossians 1:6). Recently, Gospel Coach Omar Ortiz was coaching a pastor from Birmingham, England. Omar says,

“During a recent conversation, the pastor I was coaching began to discuss how their church could continue to serve its people and the community in spite of not being able to gather for worship. Our conversation led us to see that one of the more successful pivots their church had made was the small regional group meeting in various parts of the city. Through coaching, the pastor identified that moving the congregation into micro-sites would allow them to press into what had been working in a deeper way. At the same time we also explored how ministry to children could be added in a way that complements what the micro-sites are planning to do.”

We are amazed to see how God is using His church, growing His church, and changing His church in the midst of the current pandemic. How has the Lord been faithful in your life recently?

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