Healthy Leaders

Healthy Christian leaders are essential to the church and to ministry. How has the health at your church been since the global pandemic changed our ministry world and lives?

Long-time Gospel Coach Dave Whitehead has been coaching for seven years. He says he sees a consistent pattern of helping leaders breakthrough the barriers they face so they can get to their next level of leadership. Dave says,

“One young man I began to coach started a church in New York City. When he started off he was filled with anxiety filled with fear. But through Gospel Coaching, he was able to have breakthroughs not only with his anxieties in his fears but also with the way he viewed himself as a leader. And this is what I love about Gospel Coaching. It helps leaders get past the accolades and the setbacks of leadership and brings them back to that gentle, beautiful place of being a child of God. This is the power that the gospel brings us, and the methodology of gospel coaching helps deliver that in a sustainable, scalable way to leaders, and I've seen it happen all over the world. It's a powerful thing."

Click here to watch Dave's full video.

How have you seen God working in the lives of your ministry leaders and in the families you work with?

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