Celebrating His Faithfulness

As we begin 2021, with all of the uncertainty that 2020 brought, we want to pause for a moment to celebrate how the Lord has been faithful. How was He faithful in your life last year?

Recently, Gospel Coach Dudley Hodges was coaching a pastor struggling through the covid-crisis. He had this to say,

“During a coaching appointment this week I was speaking with a pastor about how the Covid-crisis has affected the church and how many people are choosing to disengage. There is a growing climate of criticism and complaining due to diverse and divisive opinions about politics and the pandemic. This pastor told me how the choices of other people right now can be so discouraging and I responded by asking him to put on his Gospel glasses and see this profound truth: the choices of other people cannot overrule the sovereignty of God.

“We talked about how the choices of other people affected Jesus and eventually led to his death. But the choices of other people — the choice of Judas to betray him, the choice of Peter to deny him, the choice of Pilate to condemn him — none of those choices could overrule the sovereignty of God!

“We discussed how everyone is affected by the choices of other people. Sometimes the choices of other people help us and sometimes the choices of other people hurt us. The choices of others can ruin our plans, destroy our dreams, and cause us deep pain and sadness. But the choices of other people should never cause us to lose hope because the choices of other people can never change the fact that God is in control of our lives. And this perspective that no one can overrule the sovereignty of God is what helps us keep going when we realize that our choices as leaders have hurt others.

“This Gospel perspective provided an 'aha' moment that led to deep encouragement and hope in God’s sovereign grace.”

We praise God that He alone is in control of our lives and that the gospel of His Grace can change us. How has the gospel changed you today?

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