Coaching and the COVID-monster

By Dr. Tom Wood

There has never been a time in the history of the church (in the USA) that has more complexity, fear, and anxiety than now. Other crises have been mainly regional, and neighboring unaffected regions were able to come to the aid of the suffering. This is national, and you know the complexity is real.

Relationally, we are called to “social distancing”. Schools are closed, kids are home all day, and parents that normally work outside the home are forced to create offices out of shared spaces in their homes. Church relationships, small groups, and bible studies are closed and/or are now being held digitally. Pastors are typically frontline personnel caring for the sick, but are ordered to remain in their homes.  

Personally, the toll is hard emotionally — anxiety, fear, financially. Eating and exercise habits are blown apart. Financially we worry about surviving until the national shut down ends. And those of us who have friends or relatives who have COVID-19, it has its toll.

Missionally, pastors and lead worshippers are trying to preach and teach in ways that few of them have tried before. Church Planting is at a standstill. We have friends whose jobs have been destroyed — restaurant owners and servers, retail store workers and managers, hair salons — and every typical area of “normal” life in the USA is shut down.

Spiritually, our idolatry raises its ugly head and screams for us to find another way. Our security is on the line. Our system of human approval from work, ministry, or family is breaking down. And comfort? Want to know why you are eating more than before or binge watching Netflix?

There is a better way. The gospel not only has power, it is power to transform you now.

Do not face this COVID-monster by yourself. This is the most compelling time to get a Gospel Coach. You really do need someone who can help navigate, encourage, collaborate, and gospelize your heart so your church, ministry, mission, or business thrives. Let a Gospel Coach help you increase your leadership capacity during the crisis.

Contact CMM today and get started now!

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