Benefits of Church Renewal

by Dr. Tom Wood

Have you ever thought, “I think I might have taken this church as far as I can? Maybe I need to leave and let the next guy take it to the next level?”

If you are in (or have been in) the critical 5-7 years post launch of your church I suspect you have. I completely understand the why for thinking this way. In fact, there may be many reasons.

Some Church Planters experience discouragement. The church you now lead is not the one you envisioned six years ago. You had hoped for people to be more engaged, committed and generous. You thought there would be more conversions to Christ. People you loved and helped have left. For other Planters it is just plain tiredness.

Let’s face it. Starting a church is hard work. For some it’s the new challenges of managing people and things that have to get done. Maybe you are better at vision and ideas, and managing people is boring and difficult for you.

I suspect that you are probably in the weekly grind of sermon and services prep, and there’s little margin for thinking and visioning. You grab ideas here and there from podcasts or articles in Church Planter Magazine, but you don’t have time for thinking and praying.

Apart from the early launching of first services, this 5 to 7 year period may be the most critical time in the life cycle of the work. My experience has shown me that when a founding pastor leaves, the church will lose between 25 to 30% of its people. Sometimes the church loses 50% (depending on the guy that follows the founding pastor). That is a hardship hardly anyone can overcome.

Longevity of the founding planter is a key component—not a guarantee—but a key nevertheless in a church with sustained health, reproduction and growth. Thom Rainer pointed out, “Long pastoral tenure was not the single most answer to struggling American churches….long tenure is one of the key requisites for churches to move from goodness to greatness.”

So what can a Church Planter do?

Don’t walk away from your investment! Get a Gospel Coach to help with Church Renewal, because the health and thriveability of your family is important.

Our friend, Omar Ortiz said, “I first began using a Gospel Coach during a very difficult season of ministry in church renewal. My Coach helped me to have a renewed sense of purpose and direction in my ministry. More than that, however, my Coach helped me to see my own need to repent of sinful patterns in my life. He helped me to move beyond simply paying lip service to applying the gospel to my life and actually led me there. Gospel Coaching has been one of the most profound experiences I have had in ministry.”

Learn more about Church Renewal today!

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