2 Reasons You Are Lonely

by Jim Moon, Jr.
Vice President

Finally! You worked your way up to top level leadership. This is what you've worked for and always wanted, right? How does it feel to be at the top of the org chart? In many ways, if you're geared for high level leadership, it is great!

As a Gospel Coach, I have conversations with top leaders in their organizations or churches. If you are a top leader, you know one other common feeling is loneliness.

Loneliness make sense for two reasons.

1. On your way up, you were a leader among peers. You likely were a good team player and led within the rank and file. Many other people shared a similar perspective on the organization. You had access to collaborators and sounding boards. And you didn't have to make the tough calls.

But now you are the church planter. Or the pastor. Or the president. Who is your peer? Nobody. Who has to set the direction and make tough calls? You. Just you.

2. No way to practice top leadership. The skills developed within an organization are different than the skills necessary for guiding leadership. You just don't know exactly what you need to know until you need to know.

A Gospel Coach can help pastors, leaders and church planters develop skills for top leadership while you are a top leader. The relationship is confidential, so a top leader can honestly confess weakness and struggle to someone outside of the supervisory structure in the organization.

If you are planting a church, starting a revitalization work in an existing church or tackling a new job in a not-for-profit, don't be foolish and try to lead without a coach. Everyone needs a coach. Everyone needs the gospel. Learn more about Gospel Coaching today!

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